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:: EIS Philosophy and History ::


EIS is a private educational institution that has been in successful operation since 2000. The school is licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. The American Diploma was introduced in 2005 and following this the IGCSE was introduced in 2007. EIS offers quality education to more than 1200 students across the 3 schools. The student body is formed from over 5 nationalities which makes it distinct in nature. The school offers education in 3 different systems; National/Language, British, and American.

EIS Philosophy

1. Provide balanced education to students
2. Foster a safe and open environment inductive to students’ growth
3. Involve stakeholders in students learning process
4. Promote respect and freedom of speech
5. Create a successful curriculum and instructional practices to accommodate differences in learning style and provide understanding of diversity
6. All students are equal
7. All stakeholders share the responsibility for advancing the school’s vision and mission
8. Provide all students with a caring environment where discipline is firm and consistent.
9. Emphasize the importance of partnership between the home and school as a vital mean of successful learning.
10. Encourage students to be active motivated learners who continue to make sense of their work and world.